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MAGO, Enrique J. Martinez was born in New York City on June 5, 1982 to Colombian immigrants weeks after their arrival to the United States. MAGO is a Transavantguard Graffitti-expressionist. 


As an emerging artist MAGO was deeply influenced by the raw imagery created by indigenous tribal artisans, spending long summers on the rich coast of Santa Marta, Colombia. Upon his returning to the pulsating life of the inner-city and non-traditional techniques of the NYC street artist movement, MAGO is the tag and signature used by this artist. His gutsy urban education and Latino heritage have developed a signature style, characterized by cross cultural themes, and bold techniques. MAGO’s sensual brew includes graffiti landscapes, urban idols, and hues of spiritual enlightenment. 


MAGO’s works are created right out of the tube with rapid rhythmic lines. This is an immediate contact that is neither rehearsed nor predicted. Spreading pigment on the surfaces with generously thick and valiant combinations of colors, vibrates the contrast against translucent, matte, or gloss canvases to pronounce the texture and dimension while rotating the piece at 360 degrees soften the lines and balance the composition of the overall image. 


Reflective surfaces, such as acrylic boards and reflective paper, in the bodies of work serve as notion of art participating in life’s constant action and mirroring the indefinite meaning of the space time continuum.


Fingers are the tool of choice, creating the gentle ripples in the acrylic puddle, becoming a blending stick when working with pastel and oils. Torn cardboard, wire, pipes, and sticks are used to create bold and graphic element influences from Chinese brush strokes, graininess of print making, and etchings styling.


Crude graffiti techniques, tagging, repetitive silk screening indicate an over sensory of visuals in our urban environment as a propaganda and street art cred against the commercial invasion.


MAGO takes pride in working with noble organizations such as The RETREAT for the All Against Abuse Campaign in 2018, Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and Project Enterprise. The artist serves as the co-chair of the One Health gala for Veterinarians International, and has served as co-chair of HRC auction committee for the annual gala held in New York City in 2011 and 2012.  His work continues to grow and resonate with collectors ranging from high profile designers to investment bankers, media executives, and philanthropists.  


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